Due to the increasing demand in Australia for highly skilled freelancers, an increasingly high number of people are becoming a freelancer. Freelancers can take advantage of the added freedom that they’re able to make just as much as they did working full-time jobs. However, if you’re after competitive rates, finding success as a freelancer may require lots of hard work. You need to establish and showcase a record of happy clients, showcase the work that you did in the past and make the effort to explore multiple freelancing platforms. The list below shows some of the Best Freelance Websites to find freelance jobs.


It is a new website and platform that allows both freelancers and businesses can create their profile, build reputations, showcasing work and find freelance jobs.Unlike some other platforms, HireField is non-price driven which means that people coming to the website are not looking for cheap quotes, they use the website discover project inspirations and connect to the reputable freelancers and businesses.

This freelance website is one of the best platforms for those who offer quality service and aim to build up their reputations in the non-price-driven space.

There are also other freelance websites available on the internet, most of them use a bidding system which means that the customer posts a job on the website and compares quotes. In many cases, you will not only compete with the local freelancers but also freelancers around the globe.

Which freelance websites are the best for me?

It’s all depending on your objectives and positioning. Using traditional freelance websites that use a bidding system, you will have to be prepared to lower your rates you are competing with freelancers around the globe. You may need to spend quite a bit of time to complete tasks and to build up your 5-star rating before you can charge a higher rate. Alternatively, you can use a freelance platform like HireField which allows you to create your professional profile, publish your work and be found by potential local customers.

Building up your reputation is the key

No matter which websites or platforms you choose, the key to success is to build up your reputation. You can achieve this by 1) inviting your customers to give you a 5-star review, 2) to keep showcasing your latest work on public websites and platforms that people use to discover project inspirations.

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