Ideas for Rustic Interior Design

Ideas for Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design is so “in” right now. Rustic style is especially a great idea for modern houses and flats in the city. It gives an elegant and warm atmosphere to your homes.Rustic elements may be just what you need to give a new earthy look to your home. Create rustic living spaces that bring forth a reminiscence of your ancestral house in the village or a country ranch or a holiday house on the mountains that are full of everything close to nature. From rustic furniture to shelves to walls and ceilings, it can all be made to look warm and natural, giving a very cozy feel to your homes. With skilful designers, rusticity can now be created with an amalgam of rustic look and modern comforts, putting everything together in a balanced manner to create a living space that offers the best of both worlds.Homes with rustic décor are easily set apart from the rest because of their theme which airs a sense of earthiness and warmth.

Rustic theme simply makes us feel at home. Rustic style is particularly popular among people who love the warm country feel in their homes along with using eco-friendly handmade products. Use only organic materials in the interiors of your home as they help greatly in terms of health and wellness, which is another reason why the rustic interior design style is so popular. Natural materials like wood and stone, cotton, wool, leather, clay, wrought-iron metal etc dominate. It goes without saying that rustic interior designs are accompanied with an air of vintage charm and traditional antiquity. Adopting a rustic interior design style does not mean a less luxurious life. It can still provide modern comforts with the blend of new-age gadgets making life a lot easier but at the same time cozier. It is just about embracing an earthy aesthetic touch that is elegant and closer to nature.

The basics of rustic style are:

  • Wood and Stone
  • Wrought-iron and other metals
  • Wooden or metal furniture
  • Wooden or stone floors
  • Wooden beams on ceiling
  • Cozy carpets
  • Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool
  • Plants
  • Large windows
  • Clay pottery
  • Folk art and indigenous hand-crafted articles

Let’s understand the rustic design basics and take a look at simple rustic design ideas for your home. Wood and stone dominate rustic homes. Often wood is kept natural with just a touch of varnish. Wood is advantageous to your home as it also maintains the humidity. To achieve the rustic look, floors can be made of wood, marble or stone, and over them are cozy carpets with variedpatterns of your choice. The choice of furniture plays an important role in obtaining a touch of rusticity. Dark coloured heavy wooden furniture is the best to use in rustic settings. You can also choose to use metal furniture which easily complements the rustic look.Leather couches also give a warm feel. Cane chairs and tables can be another rustic addition to your homes. How about a cane hanging- chair in your sit-out or balcony? Or a wrought iron family swing in your garden or portico? Rustic settings can also be complemented with cleverly chosen modern furniture, and it can make a very interesting combination. For the walls, the trick is to add texture. This can be achieved by using various materials and finishes. Also having rugged brick or stone wall for some areas of the house can add to that rustic feel. For the walls and shelves, throw in a handful of classic photo frames, abstract shaped clay vases, old-fashioned lamps and vintage bowls. Place a wooden stump or two for use as a coffee table or a stool.

A humble setting that gently turns the clock back in time with polished wood and stone walls, with homely cushions and couches, with handcrafted adornments and pottery hung around the house and placed on teepoys, everything adds to the ethnicity of the rustic atmosphere of a home. Archetypical chandelier lighting, antique artefacts, jutting stone walls, exposed wooden beams across the ceiling; all these provide that timeless look with inherent coziness. Vintage articles, wrought iron lampshades, wooden or metal dining and coffee tables are the norm in this classic style and are all great choices indeed.

Rustic design style highlights nature, with the genuine beauty of natural materials. Rustic rooms often feel like an extension of the outdoors and it’s like bringing nature inside your house. Who doesn’t love nature inspired settings? Framed large windows are an integral part of the rustic theme. These will allow natural light and a great view to your home, which is something rustic interior lovers always strive to achieve. Lovers of rustic designs prefer a lot of light in their homes. If your house is surrounded with nature and greenery all around, then allow the views to be a part of your home. For those who do not have a home that overlooks nature, a view of your own outdoor or indoor or terrace garden will work just brilliantly.Remember to landscape your outdoor/indoor/terrace garden as it is the best practise to make your garden look more natural and beautiful. Plants are indispensable in rustic settings. Place them in large clay pots or hang them –they add that natural feel and give an extra dose of warmth to your home. Add in some furniture made of wood or metal in your garden. These make for a lovely nature time to relax and unwind from the urbanization.Also windows adorned with charming rustic curtains along with handmade crochet or fabric motifs make for a rustic atmosphere.

You can also try some DIY ideas to add to the rustic interior design of your house. All sorts of inexpensive materials are used to make these DIY rustic articles.Why not give a new rustic look to your cabinets or dining table chairs by just wrapping the handles and frameswith twine. Yes, twine! It gives a great rustic look and is one of the easiest DIY projects ever. All you need issome twine, adhesive and a paint of your choice or just leave it natural as it is. The best part – twine is reallycheapon your pockets and the result-priceless! You can give your bedroom a rustic look by giving a country touch to the wooden headboard of your bed. An old wooden plank cut to size and varnished will be perfect! Another DIY is converting wire baskets into light fixtures. Works well especially for a low hanging kitchen ceiling lights or one over the dining table. Also wooden crates can be easily converted as tables or stools. Adding folk art paintings and artefacts are an easy DIY to give rooms a rustic touch. Even that oddly shaped rock you found in your garden or a pebble you found during a holiday trip can make interesting add-ons to the rustic touch of your home. Add some natural potpourri to an old bowl and place it on your coffee table and enjoy the rusticity. And try placing an extra-large vase with natural décor at the corner of the room and soak in its earthiness. You can also place some clay models in your garden. There is no limit to the list of DIY for rustic settings.

The colour options for a rustic look are varied, with a choice of deeper and darker shades or a neutral colour scheme or an earthy and warm colour palette or subtle hues with restrained shades of pastel colours. Black, white, brown, beige, green, pale yellow- these are the earthy shades used in rustic homes. You can add a balanced dash of more vibrant colours of your choice as well.

Make your home a paradise by designing it with love and care and don’t forget to add warmth. Rustic homes feel warm and tucked and rustic style is always in vogue when it comes to interior design. Rustic homes evoke the warmth of your childhood or a farm house you visited. Rustic design can be well combined with modern minimalistic interior style. More of the urban population is now opting for this type of home furnishing.  With its wide array of plush textures and the atmosphere of timelessness, this relaxed, organic style allows you to find that ideal balance between antiquity and modernity. If you need any ideas to build or redesign your homes in a rustic fashion, we at 100krafts are always ready to help you. Let’s talk!

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