Renovation ideas to suit your budget

Renovation ideas to suit your budget

Renovation of a home in layman terms means to upgrade one’s living style on the whole. It is much concentrated towards little value additions that some nifty upgrades can bring to one’s humble abode.  

A home is like one’s happy place. It defines who we are. It can be a reflection of one’s true personality. So, it needs to be no less than the dream home a person always wished to have when they were growing up. And, even if the pursuit of one’s dream home takes a few tries, it is always welcomed with much enthusiasm, correct?

But, who wants to go through the process of renovation if it leads to a big payment memo being thrown across your face?! Not me, and possibly, not any of you. Hence, we have narrowed down the most exciting renovation ideas that shall suit any budget!

1. Cabinets

A home without cupboards & cabinets cannot function. Though they are meant to enhance smart storage, after some time, cupboards & cabinets start looking a bit tarnished and worn out leaving users with no other options than to upgrade them. Hence, if you want to give a new life to your cabinets & cupboards, you can simply paint them or paste the choicest Laminate or Sun Mica and even install a mirror! Basically, whatever that suits your taste and budget can be done when renovating cabinets.

2. Drawers

Installation of corner drawers or pull out drawers or partitioning within drawers can be an excellent subtle renovation that will not pinch one’s pockets. A change of drawer knobs also can count as an impressive renovation that need not cost a lot of bucks.

3. Ceilings/Corners

Ceiling makeover can range from anything from an installation of a false ceiling to corner moldings to re-painting. Yet, the ceiling of any home is one such piece of the puzzle that always losing out when renovating on a budget. But, it doesn’t have to be so when one can easily DIY using bedboards or vant panels. A ceiling when redone can give the room a new life.

4. Doors

The doors in a home can be renovated for cheap by either painting them in patterns of choice or opting for an occasional polish. A little extravaganza for the doors can be to redo one and transform it into a standing cupboard. The room behind it could then be considered as a secret room. Long handles across doors are a nifty renovation as well for they can be set for coat hangers, towel placers, toilet roll holders, magazine holders and what not!

5. Partitions

Partitions are a great way to create diversions and more space in a room. Partitions can either be wooden or plastic or simply temporary wall structures that can be done to house more in a room or a hall space in an Indian household.

6. Walls

Now, most people consider renovating walls involves re-painting them whereas one can also install art pieces, tiles, wooden boards, vant panels, backsplashes and similar to sections of walls as per one’s choice.

7. Floors/ Stairs

The flooring of a home, be it in the form of floors or stairs can be redone on a budget using vinyl flooring or painting or staining an existing floor or doing a DIY floor mat using pebbles, stones, glass, etc. The grout between tiles of a floor fades with time and can be painted with the color of choice to turn them all into new leaves.

8. Lighting

Installation of back lights to feature items will not only be an eye catch renovation but, will also double the value of feature items of a household. One can do lighting around picture frames, within false ceilings, behind TV screens and much more. It can be easily done on a budget. Lamps, shades, drum lights too can be installed to bring new light to dark places in a home.

9. Fans/Air Vents

They keep our homes airy and breezy thus, they too deserve some renovation. On a budget, users can paint the fans and rods along with the switchboard or install an art circumference around them to bring a new feel to them. Air vents look rather boring; however, a quick change of their metal sheets can turn them into new leaf too.

10. Sink Storage

Did you know one can do so much with all the space vacant under a sink? One can get a cabinet done under it which will not only give so much more space for storage but, also hide all the under sink stains for good.

11. Accessories

One often underestimates the huge importance of nifty accessories in a home renovation. Example – mirrors, door handles, switches, fixtures, backsplashes, curtain rods, lamps, shades or shelving in the corners as per the interior design theme.

12. Miscellaneous DIYs

Lovers of DIY who don’t relish any outside interference in their home renovation can opt for little DIY projects that can bring a whole lot of difference to their home. Projects like creating a Murphy bed or doing up an existing bed’s headboard using an old piece of cardboard, cotton and a delicate fabric; or making own throw pillows from old t-shirts or using storage cabinets as a daybed or a nappy changing station too can add up volumes to a simple interior renovation.

Also, users interested in renovation can also consider creating reading or lounging nooks in vacant corners of a home, or under stair storage bookshelves, or memorabilia showcase, or make use of rope baskets for storage instead of traditional shelves or for the nature lover inside all of us, plants and succulents can be placed around the whole home to give one’s renovation a fresh outdoorsy feel.

Though renovation can be overwhelming and tiring, users must understand that renovation need not be a one-time thing. You can employ ample of time and attempts to make your home as beautiful and homely as you want. Happy renovating!

Author Bio:

Nishant Gupta is founder of Simply Interiors with more than 5 years of experience in FMCG (CPG and Retail domain). He is adept at operations along with marketing and finance. We at Simply Interiors are Leading interior designers and one of our areas of Specialisation is Room Painting Ideas for your Home. 

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