Running a business takes time and investment. Except that it is impossible to do everything alone!

Relying on external service providers is often necessary for tasks you have little control over or have little time for.

By outsourcing an online agency, you will save costs in the short and long term. The costs of subcontracting an agency are often much lower than the costs. You will not have to worry that your own staff is diverted from more important tasks to solve marketing problems. You will also know how much your costs will be from month to month to facilitate budgeting without surprises. You have to build your business by offering superior products and services to customers. When you outsource your digital marketing, you can focus on what made you successful in the first place. With someone else handling your digital marketing, you will have more time and attention for your daily operations. The digital marketing agency that you outsource will provide a professional team that can handle all your needs. Marketing and advertising specialists, editors, SEO experts, developers, web designers, graphic designers – employees with these skills and more can be available to ensure your digital marketing is the best possible. Experts can be added or removed from the team as needed.


But how to correctly delegate your missions to become an outsourcing expert?


For starters, do not wait to be head underwater to hire a freelancer.

Even if the latter is a professional, he will need to be briefed and supervised at the beginning.

To anticipate a maximum so that it is fully operational as soon as the rush arrives!



How to know which jobs to delegate? Start by making a list of missions that take your time and do not bring you back: administrative management, accounting, document retrieval, eve, writing emails, writing mail, etc.

Then, make a second list of tasks that require skills you do not have: design, writing, community management, development, etc.

Finally, in the last time, list the services to which you would like to give more time: animation of the blog, response to comments on social networks, participation in forums, sending the newsletter.

Here you are on a nice to-do list!



The advantage of anticipating your needs is also to take advantage of the time to choose your freelancer. The more important the task is to the success of your activity, the more you will have to spend time on the selection of providers.

After receiving different offers, do not stop at the rate.

Check the freelance experience and vision of your project. To do this, you may need to spend some time with him on the phone; on Skype or face to face if he lives in your city.

A necessary step to ensure the smooth running of your collaboration.



To become the king of outsourcing, master the collaborative tools!

It’s important to be in constant contact with your freelancers, to be able to simply interact with them and share the documents that are essential to their work.

Skype, Dropbox, Slack, Trello or Google Drive is all tools that deserve your attention!



Where to recruit your freelancers? To avoid wasting time, it is best to choose a platform of choice on which you will have your habits.

To select it, consider the guarantees it offers in terms of payment, its ergonomics and above all, the quality and quantity of registered freelancers.

Each freelancer has a profile with a portfolio and the opinions of their previous clients. The selection is simplified!



Finally, if you want everything to work perfectly with your freelance team, organize regular video conferences. With the entire team or only one provider, in particular, it’s as you prefer.

The key to the success of a qualitative moderation: a powerful tool at the service of a team of expert moderators!

Outsourcing your moderation of content will become an essential point in the evolution of your business.

But it must be kept in mind that before anything else, the success of your good moderation, internalized or outsourced, will be the success of a team: the agents and their moderation tool.

Aided thus by a technological support, the moderation is above all the opinion of human beings on others to harmonize its whole. And this, regardless of the volume of content. Get organized or get help.



Ranjan K.C is a Digital Marketing Specialist at DesignPac, a subscription based graphic design service provider for a monthly flat fee.

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