In the field of influencer advertising, there are two primary forms. One of which will be the subject of this paper. That form is called influence social marketing. Like all forms of marketing, there are a myriad of different strategies available, each suitable for vastly different situations. An influencer has many methods of diverting an audience to your product, and of making that product as appealing to that particular audience as possible. So, what are these strategies? Read on for the answer.

#1. Diverting their audience

The most straightforward route, obviously, is for the influencer to just inform their audience about your product, and telling them to check it out, or to inform someone who might enjoy it more of their existence. On social media, if your audience is big enough, this is all you need to do. The ripple effect will take over from there, and before you know it, hundreds if not thousands more people are aware of your product than before.

#2. Knowing which site to advertise on

A social marketing influencer is required to know social media fluently in order to perform their job effectively. As such, they know what types of people frequent the different major social media platforms. Whether it be Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, every site appeals to people with certain personality traits. So, it’s an influencer’s job to ask, “who would this product/service/company etc. appeal to the most?” and then pick the site(s) to advertise on accordingly. Appealing to human nature is a massive part of social media advertising.

#3. Determining how to advertise on the chosen site

Say your influencer has chosen to plug your service or product on YouTube. Obviously the most effective way to do this is to make a video talking about it. They would spend the video talking about your service/product, its pros, with just a bit of the cons for professionalism’s sake, with a link to your site in the description box. Or if applicable, they may spend the video using your product, to let its effectiveness speak for itself. If it’s on Tumblr, then they’d make a detailed blog post about it. The point is to avoid using things like video ads or banner ads because 99.9% of the time, people will ignore them. Taking this into account will save you countless hours and dollars in failed advertising campaigns.

The trick, at the end of the day, is to find an influencer who knows their platform, or the platform that will respond best to your service, extremely well. Once that’s done, the influencer will determine how best to engage the audience with the product, show off its merits and downplay the faults, provide information on where they can acquisition your service, and do it all in an efficient, consumer appealing manner. There are many other niche strategies that influencers like to employ, but these are the most effective across the board. So, if your company needs an influencer to advertise your service/product online, and you want to determine the quality of the service provided, remember these strategies and ask the influencer how they plan to advertise you online.

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