Drains play an important role in eliminating water from any building. If the drainage system is not properly maintained it can cause blocked drains and may lead to serious issues and as a result, cause damage to the entire property. Blocked Drains

What causes Blocked Drains?

To avoid such inconveniences, it is good to take early action. Blocked drains may crop up any time at any point of your home. First, we need to know the common causes that result in blocked drains. After you get to know about these, it will be easy to come out with preventative measures:

  • Tree Roots: Tree roots spread underground and are attracted to moisture. Slowly, they continue spreading and finally result in blockage of drains. Cutting roots will be a temporary solution as they will grow back again. It is preferable to keep the section watertight so that you can avoid such issues.


  • Debris from garden: Garden debris including leaves and twigs also result in serious issues that prevent smooth flow of water from drain. It is the case in autumn season as leaves fall in great numbers. Regular checking of drains will prevent unnecessary blockage in drains.


  • Toilet rubbish: Toilet trashes including cotton balls, toilet paper and soaps can cause serious issues such as blocked drains. It is better to throw the garbage in a dustbin rather than flushing it in the toilet.

Being a little bit careful will prevent blocked drains. If disregarded, blocked drains may turn into a bigger problem. Taking the right action at right time will prevent costly repairs.


Why Hire a Professional to Rectify Issues of Blocked Drains?

Constant accumulation of foreign objects and materials hamper the speed of transportation of waste water in pipe. Thus, regular maintenance along with cleaning is essential to prevent serious issues of blocked drains. As a household, such drains may cause lots of stress due to creation of an unpleasant smell.

Rather than doing it yourself, it is a great idea to get the issue fixed by a well known and experienced professional. With the help of skills and exposure in this field, they will be glad to serve you the best. Below are some additional reasons that permit hiring of professionals to fix blocked drains:

  • High quality services: A professional and experienced plumber will first evaluate the root cause of a blocked drain. With the help of high tech tools, he will unclog the drain.
  • Usage of best chemicals: A highly experienced professional plumber will use high quality chemicals to remove foreign particles and completely clean your drains. It is difficult for a novice to know the right and most suitable type of chemical for unclogging blocked drains. Professionals take help of CCTV cameras to have a look inside sewer lines and jetting equipment for easy cleaning.
  • Saves time: After you hire a professional, it will be his duty to judge the root cause of problem and act accordingly. You can easily utilize your time in other creative activities rather than running after blocked drains. A plumber holds the ability to rectify this issue within a short interval of time.

An experienced plumber will be able to recommend or suggest you some easy to maintain tips that can be easily followed by all. It is possible to get in touch with a professional plumber by conducting an online survey and talking to friends and relatives.

Finding an experienced plumber will always be advantageous. However, it could take some time bit it will surely help you save time and money in the long run.

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