Plenty of people are unsure about what type of approach to take when it comes to pressure cleaning or house washing.  They don’t know which surfaces require low pressure cleaning or high pressure cleaning.  There are certain surfaces that should not be cleaned with high pressure while some surfaces require a great deal of pressure to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.  The differences are quite simple and any professional that deals with low and high pressure washing should know them.

High pressure cleaning is used to clean just about any type of surface, but in particular, extremely hard surfaces that are not easily damaged.  High pressure cleaning involves pressure over 500PSI and works well for flat surfaces including driveways, parking areas, concrete, brick, rock work and solid material paths.   High pressure can also be used to remove paint in preparation for re-painting but the pressure would have to be adjusted down to accommodate softer surfaces such as wood siding or stucco.  High pressure washing is the ideal solution for the removal of mold and mildew.

Low pressure cleaning involves pressures of less than 150 PSI.  This type of pressure cleaning is ideal for roof and tile cleaning, particularly where high pressure would strip colour or damage surfaces.  Certain surfaces should be pre-treated with special cleaning products and tradesmen who work with these products are knowledgeable when it comes to knowing the right application for every situation.  Low pressure washing will prevent damage to surfaces and it will also not damage plants and other delicate structures located around the home and yard.

When you want cleaning done, pressure washing can be the ideal solution.  It is important to consult a tradesman who has experience with all types of pressure washing because he will be able to advise you on which method is best for what you need completed.  Pressure washing machines can be expensive when compared to the lower cost of hiring a tradesman to take care of the cleaning on your behalf.  If you are unsure about cleaning a certain surface, it is better to consult a professional so that you do not risk damaging expensive components of your home.

The result of pressure cleaning can be extraordinary.  What once appeared dark and worn out can become almost like new with the right pressure application.  Your driveway, home, sidewalk, windows, roof and garage door can all be cleaned to wildly improve your home’s curb appeal.  We all clean the interior of our homes on a regular basis.  Cleaning outside of the home is equally important and will shock you once you see the results.  Pressure washing removes dirt that cannot be removed with washing the same surfaces by hand or with a regular garden hose and nozzle.  If you have surfaces that need to be renewed, consider having some pressure washing completed at your home by a qualified tradesman.  Many homeowners who want to put their home on the market take this simple and affordable step and tend to experience more success with selling their home.

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