Do you want your team to stay with you for many years and work hard? Make sure you are paying attention to what your employees want and acting appropriately.

The common mistake of many business owners is to think that their team members work eight hours a day, five days a week, with the only benefit being their salary, but it’s the additional perks which help your company outshine the competition and attract reliable people.

According to the Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey of 2015, almost 80% of employees prefer extra perks to a pay increase. Typically, more women (82%) than men (76%) choose new work benefits to a pay rise.

Here is everything you want to know about flexible working hours, free snacks and other perks that keep employees happy.

Extended Annual Leave

Some top-rated companies and businesses are already providing their team members with unlimited holiday allowances. This may sound unusual and unbelievable, but extending your employees’ annual leave by a few extra days each year won’t do your business any harm – yet it will definitely be appreciated by your team.

Also, some companies offer several months of paid parental leave. Both part-time and full-time employees can enjoy this benefit provided that they have at least one year of work experience in this organisation. This is a great example of a company where you should send your resume if you want your recruiters to care about your future.

Private Healthcare

There is nothing better than offering a comprehensive private healthcare plan for your employees in order to show them the value of their wellbeing. For instance, Facebook is known for providing full health care coverage for its workers together with free housing for the interns

Want to join a successful company? Facebook interns stated getting over $7,000 a month, so consider applying to this company as well.

A Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

Are you one of many “pet parents” willing to join a pet-friendly company where you will be able to come together with your four-legged friend? This idea is absolutely realistic.

At Zynga, every employee has the right to bring their furry friends with them to the office. Canine-lovers will love this place as they provide pet insurance, free dog treats and a rooftop dog park.

Another example of a pet-friendly organization is Scripps Health which cares about furry family members of their coworkers and offers free pet health insurance.

Fitness or Gym Memberships

The majority of office employees who have to sit at their desks long hours would love to have a fitness membership or an on-site gym as their work perk package.

The company that offers such facilities will always be successful as it will be seen to be taking worker wellbeing seriously. For instance, Threadless, an e-commerce shop, provides annual fitness/gym membership coverage for their team members. This way, every employee can join a gym or fitness center of their liking and use that money to pay for it.

Also, Reebok tries to encourage their workers to be fit and healthy by offering an on-site gym with free Crossfit training.

Remember that happy team members will be more productive, motivated and loyal. These are the qualities every company is looking for in their employees. It is significant to offer work perks and benefits that will inspire and excite your staff member and make them want to be with you for many years. Consider applying some of these perks in your company and you will soon see a great outcome.

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