Today’s Australian business people have the benefit of the versatility that technology and office space solutions can provide. Long before office space evolved, businesses were tied down to fixed, long-term lease that required them to commit to a space for longer than was probably needed. This placed undue hardship on businesses with tight budgets, but also start-ups found themselves struggling against bigger companies to find space that would give the access and image needed to attract clients.

Worse yet, as rents continued to increase in places like Melbourne and Sydney, finding space in the CBD became virtually impossible. However, in recent years alternative workspace solutions have made office space in prime locations affordable. As businesses looked for new ways to rent a workspace, serviced office providers rose to the challenge and produced the virtual office.  

Let’s take a look at some great ways that you can get an office in a prestigious location without breaking the bank.

Switch From Remote Work To A Virtual Office

Remote working is great for both businesses and employees simply because it reduces the cost for both parties. However, the remote office works best if there is a lot of structure provided for the team members. Alternatively, this same format can fall flat for organisations who fail to provide an online infrastructure for their business.

This structure can come in the form of a building where team members meet, even if occasionally, to an online suite that becomes your new office environment. The virtual office can provide your business with both of these tools. The virtual office, in addition to its IT services, provides businesses with on-site meeting and conference rooms. 

Find Offices In Prime Locations

The great quality of the virtual office is that its manoeuvrability allows businesses to move with ease from location to location. For this reason, search for a location that is not only prestigious but can also provide you with valuable foot traffic, as this is one way to access premium space without the excessive price tag. Moreover, in one city alone, you might find numerous providers working in and around the city. For you, this is great because it affords your business the chance of choosing a location in any area in the city. In essence, because of a large number of serviced offices providing the virtual office in one city, you can pretty much choose your office’s location.

Review your lease for important amenities

The virtual office lease usually provides businesses with internet access, office support, a physical address, and a dedicated number. However, for those who want to maximise their office plan, look for leases that will include the use of conference and meeting rooms with video-conferencing capabilities. Review their IT services, and double check to see about the after-hours policy, as by virtue of the fact that you will not be at the office every day, you want to know when you will have access to the building outside of normal business hours.

Furthermore, make sure to see if the prospective virtual office package includes the use of space in other locations. This is especially important if your business involves a lot of travel because serviced office providers that have offices in other locations, namely, internationally, can provide you with onsite facilities at a lower rate. For the most part, it makes travelling to other locations and organising meetings more convenient.

Premium Cost On A Start-Up Budget

The virtual office is a cost cutter in that it allows your business to lease the use of space and in pretty prestigious locations in and around the world. Australia’s rising rents make the virtual office a go-to especially in industries where image is everything. The virtual office can, in a nutshell, provide valuable, impressive workspace on any budget.

Reference: Servcorp Australia

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