There isn’t a better way to stamp your authority and show your professionalism than making use of building signage. It is perhaps the oldest marketing tool that has been used by businesses, institutions and other establishment. Whether you have a retail store or an office in the Central Business District or institution located in an isolated place you can’t do without building signage in Adelaide. An effective building signage is much more than your brand name and logo put together. While its primary role is to guide your customers, visitors and others to the location it also serves as an effective means to market your business. Naturally you along with the Signwriter you hire for this job have to work towards making it attractive. Here are few tips that would help you create effective building signage in Adelaide.

  1. Focus on Target Audience – Building signage for a business selling kids’ clothing and one offering medical equipment would be different in style and form. While some signage may look eye-catchy they may not excite and attract your target audience. It is thus important to focus on your target audience while designing signage. The signage should immediately strike a chord in their minds.
  2. Size Matters – A small signage won’t be visible from a distance while one that isn’t proportionate with the front façade of the building or any other place you install may become an eyesore. Consider the space where you would install the sign and share these dimensions with your Signwriter. This would allow them to work on signs that perfectly fit the space available.
  3. Avoid Cluttering –Building signage aren’t your brochure or flyer and hence you should avoid cluttering them with too many elements. You may want to include many things while working on signage but it proves to be counterproductive. Keep it simple and you would win over your target audience.
  4. Work On Contrast – Contrast is vital when you are working on the colour scheme of the signage. When you get the contrast right it can improve the visibility of the sign from a distance and make it easily readable. You have to choose colours carefully and if your brand colours don’t let you play with contrast you should be accommodative of other contrasting colours.
  5. Window Signage– By default you would have signage on the front façade of the building. But what if you share the building with dozens of other businesses with each of them displaying their own signage. This is where you make use of the windows. Window signage in Adelaide has emerged as a popular marketing tool and leave strong impression in your target audience’ mind.

If you keep these five things in mind you’d be able to create effective building signage. It is equally important though to choose an agency that can design and make stellar building and window signage in Adelaide. There are many agencies that are engaged in this trade and it is important that you hire one that brings in proven track record of delivering high quality building signage.

About Author: David Johnson has designed several building signage in Adelaide over the last two decades and is also the name behind several inspirational window signage in Adelaide.

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