The sort of concrete jungle we live in, there is hardly any space for gardening outside our homes. Most of the city homes are apartments and even if the countryside has a few houses or mansions, the outdoor is quite limited. But people who are strongly passionate about gardening find out ways to give an expression to their gardening skills. That is why presently, there is a rage about terrace gardens. These are the new trends in the city which are imbibed by most of the contemporary homeowners. You don’t need much space and it can be done if your own terrace itself. Therefore, it is a great choice for those who are on a tight budget. Moreover, the house also looks pretty decked up with a variety of plants, shrubs, and flowers on the top, further increasing the appeal and value of the house if you want to sell it out in the future or put it on rent.

So, you should quickly look for places where you can good quality plants. There are several nurseries which you can try if you want a variety in your terrace. However, simply purchasing the plants will not help; you also need to invest in certain kinds of garden accessories which will support the plants along with help you adorn your terrace garden even better. So, try to get a small water feature, planter boxes, or garden pots Melbourne or other parts of Australia.

Here, we have put together a few ideas and tips on efficient terrace gardening. Take a look.

  • Opt for Tall Plants & Trees

First of all, whenever you are planning a terrace gardening, you have to keep in mind that you are on the terrace and that if people have to catch a glimpse of your pretty space, you should opt for tall trees and plants so that people from the downstairs can also understand that you have a garden-top home. Moreover, not every home has a great view from the terrace. In order to hide that view, you can fill your surroundings with tall trees. These trees confine you from the rest of the city and fill your home with lush greenery, thereby contributing towards a healthy stay.

  • Opt for Raised Beds

Another great idea for terrace garden would be getting raised beds. Make sure that the roof of your house supports the concept and then try to create raised beds which are adjacent to the walls. You can opt for wooden or metallic raised beds. In fact, nowadays, you can also build your own customised raised beds. Just choose the right size and then you can grow tall or small trees and shrubs and continue its regular maintenance, pruning, or root trimming. This is one of the most common ways to decorate a terrace garden as it is a combination of both functionality and design.

So, what are you thinking? Does the idea of a terrace garden fascinate you too? Then, you should also try out these ideas for your home. But first, decide the kinds of plants you want to grow and check out a nursery Melbourne near you.

Author Bio: Jerome Hill, a regular blogger on gardening and garden pots Melbourne, here writes on a few tips and ideas for creating a terrace garden. He suggests going to a nursery Melbourne to purchase the plants first.

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