We know. You don’t want to talk about pest control. Those creepy crawlies make your hair stand up and thinking about them in your home? Hard to discuss. But the threat of pest infestation in constant, and without putting some simple practises in place, you could have an infestation on your hands. Keep your home the safe haven that it is, and use these pest control measures as soon as you can.

Regular pest control

They are the experts for a reason. And while it may be a topic you don’t want to discuss, they know the A-Z’s of pest control and have seen it all. Calling out someone in pest control in Wangaratta to survey the inside and outside of your home and provide recommendations? Priceless. You may even find that you have pests already that could turn into an infestation if not dealt with professionally and swiftly. Put your mind at rest and get the assessment and advisement of the experts in pest control to ensure your family is safe.

Keep your food and waste contained

Ever had a big dinner and a few drinks and looked at the kitchen and thought; I might just get to those dishes tomorrow. Well pests do their best work on this mentality, and the food that remains in the kitchen outside of the fridge or containers draw pests out and into your home. The same can be said of your bins. You may be patting yourself on the back from throwing out the rubbish each week, but that waste must be packaged up in a bag and placed in a bin with a lid. Otherwise, your pests will be drawn to your bins, and then make the short journey to your home. Try your best to keep you bins as far from your property as possible, to avoid any unwelcome guests.

Cracks and holes in the wall

We all have DIY home items that we would like to fix. We’re just getting around to it, right? Well in the meantime you are providing a clear pathway to any number of pests can bring disease and harm to your family and home. Act quickly to fix your cracks and holes, even if it means covering and stuffing them with temporary measures until you can put something more permanent and aesthetically pleasing in place.

Keep your home clean

That’s right. The simple act of keeping your home clean could be the greatest defence against pests. If there is no mess or clutter, there is nowhere to hide for these pests. How can you eradicate something that you don’t know is terrorizing your home? Generally speaking, an unclean and dirty environment will invite pests in and they will thrive in the environment making it more unsanitary. It might be time to revisit your storage solutions and cleaning roster.

Control landscaping

A common misconception is that the pests you should be concerned with will be in your home. No, they live outside until they can come inside and your landscaping will decide whether they make the effort. Mess and unruly landscaping will provide an environment for them to live, and will bring them closer and closer to your home. Keeping dead trees and wood that is exposed to the elements will also invite termites that will set up shop, and only spread throughout your home.


Pest control is one of those things that you want to be a control freak about. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and will save you a headache in the long run. Start by calling the experts, and allowing them to take in your inside and outside situation so that you can remedy any areas that might cause an infestation.

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