If you are planning to add a new feature in the outer space of your property, then building a driveway will be the wise decision from your part. Besides, leading you from the private road to the threshold of your home or office, it adds an enhancing feature to the outdoor space of your property. Irrespective of whether you are installing it in your residential or commercial property, the driveway will increase the curb appeal as well as create a brilliant first impression amongst the guests or visitors. And when you go for choosing a material for installing a driveway, you will get several options to choose from including concrete, crushed rock, asphalt, and many more. However, due to its amazing rustic look and feel, and low maintenance cost, people prefer to choose gravel driveways for their home or office. So, if you don’t want to create a hole in your bank account but at the same time, add a “wow” factor in the outdoor space, crushed rock or gravel will be the optimum choice for you.

There are several companies that offer landscaping supplies including sand, soil, and crushed rock Hastings, Flinders, and many other parts in Australia, and some of them also offer installation and maintenance service. If you are too enthusiastic about the driveway, and want to do it yourself, then just pick a company that offers quality products. However, in case, you don’t have any prior experience, there is a possibility that you can make some mistakes unknowingly. Here, we present the mistakes that you should avoid. Take a look.

1. Overlooking edging

As crushed rock is loose in nature, when you use it for making the driveway, there is a possibility that the stones can get scattered and spread into the garden, your patio, or reach outside, farther away into the outside street, depending on the location of your driveway. And as a result, you may need to buy it again. . To lower such a possibility and hold them together them in one place, you should add edges. You can also install a low retaining wall as a boundary and keep the gravel where it belongs.

2. Using crushed rock of the wrong size

When you go for buying crushed rocks, you will find that material comes in various sizes and shapes. However, all of these are not the perfect fit for making a driveway. For instance, if you choose crushed rocks that are less than three inches in diameter, then the gravel will sift and sink while a car is placed on top. So, you should consider the size of the crushed rock when buying it for your driveway.

3. Poor drainage

Though crushed rock allows rainwater to seep into the ground, you should make sure of the fact that there is a proper drainage. Otherwise, the rainwater will create mud holes and as a result, the crushed rock will lose friction and begin to weaken. And to lower such thing from happening, install a layer of fabric between the first layer of gravel and the soil. By preventing soil from mixing in with the crushed rock, it will maintain the health of your driveway.

These are the general mistakes that you should not make when building driveways Flinders,Rock Hastings, or any other places in Australia. As you are now familiar with the things to avoid, buy the crushed rocks from a reputable company and start building your crushed rock driveway as early as possible.

Author Bio: Jude Acton, a renowned blogger who regularly writes on landscape supplies such as soil, sand, and crushed rock Hastings, Flinders, and other places in Australia, here writes about 3 mistakes that you should avoid when building driveways Flinders.

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