A mess at home is forgivable. Things get busy, our lives move quickly, and it never stays messy for too long. But a mess in the office? That’s harder to swallow. We go to work to be productive and creative, and we expect that our employees value us enough to keep the office clean. If this is something you feel your office may be guilty of, read on to find out 5 reasons why you should be regularly cleaning your office.

Keep pests at bay

Is there anything worse than finding out you have a pest problem? Probably not. The matter of commercial pest control is a serious matter, and one that can get out of control quickly if you don’t manage and mitigate accordingly. Fortunately, pests are famous for leaving evidence of their existence so make it a shared responsibility to look out for these signs. Add it to your calendar each quarter to have your office inspected by commercial pest control experts, so that they can see how the workspace moves and operates and if there are any areas for concern or change.

Boosts culture

A happy office is a clean one. And positive office culture should be something you continue to work towards, no matter the cost or the hurdles. Your employees will have an extra spring in their step when they know that you take their health, engagement and environment very seriously. They may even work a little harder and stay even longer if they feel comfortable and happy within their work environment. You can offer innovative break spaces and other perks, but if you are not meeting their general expectations of cleanliness you may be faced with a disengaged and resentful culture.

Makes a good impression on clients

There is so much that goes into forging a relationship with a prospective client. Connection, shared values, and respect in eachothers crafts. Some things we can control, others we cannot. Don’t put preparation into winning new clients and establishing loyalty with customers, only to lose their vote of confidence over something like the state of your office. Good housekeeping is general courtesy, and you can take it to new heights with a pristine and regularly cleaned workspace.

Improved health benefits

Chances are we have all worked in that office with the revolving door or people coming and going sick. Don’t be associated with something so horrible, and keep your office regularly cleaned so that your staff stay in their best health and comfort. This doesn’t just extent to emptying rubbish bins and vacuuming carpet, it also includes cleaning air vents and giving regular disinfectant sprays over any and all surfaces. This is not the responsibility of employees directly, but do educate your greater team on how they can help to minimise recurring cleanliness issues.

Keeps you compliant

Forget about the surface benefits for a minute. As a business owner or manager, it is integral that you remain compliant and uphold your responsibility of keeping your work environment safe to legal standards. Get your certificates, accreditations and checks completed and hold on to them with regularly cleaning. Don’t be caught surprised and have to deal with the shame of evacuating your office for an emergency clean so that you can eradicate any pests or maintenance issues.

No one needs to be sold on the benefits of having a clean office. Keeping pests at bay and remaining compliant is your responsibility as an employer and caretaker. But there are also the benefits of creating a great work culture that your colleagues and clients can enjoy and respect. Don’t be associated with being an unclean employer, and take control of your office.

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