Are you thinking of equipping your house with additional forms of security? Then, you should first and foremost think of installing better security gates at home. If you want to install a more advanced form of security gates in your house, then the electrically operated gates are perfect for you. There are several companies which offer you good quality electronic gates. But you must emphasize the quality of the gates and look at the company’s reputation and experience before taking a decision. After all, it is a matter of your home and the security of your loved ones.

However, one of the most important things that you should give importance to while buying the electric gates is its features. After all, the level of security will be determined from the sort of security features it is equipped with. Here, we have put together a list of features that you need to take care of. Take a look.

  • Automatic Opening & Closing System

The electric gate you are considering should have an automatic closure and opening system so that it is extremely convenient to use it as well as ensures maximum security. This feature will make sure that the driveway gate is closed even if you forget to do so. And at the same time, if you are inside the car with your kid, you don’t have to leave him or her alone inside and get out of the car to open the gates. This is especially convenient if the weather is bad outside. You can be in your car, operate the gates, and simply get off under the shade of your driveway, just outside your home entrance. So, check this combination of security and convenience before buying such a gate.

  • Video Surveillance System

You should also make sure that there is a video surveillance system equipped with your electric gate. This will effectively act as a crime deterrent. And make sure these are hidden from sight so that no one can damage these. Recording every activity outside the driveway can help you gather evidence, determining the cause of the crime and also identify the trespasser, in the case of any criminal incident.

  • Steel Reinforcements

Next, you should ensure that the gate is made of strong materials and has steel reinforcements. This will assure you that the gate will not be breached if a vehicle takes an attempt to drive through the gate while it is closed. This gate with reinforced steel will be able to restrict the approaching vehicle dead in its tracks and stop it from invading into your premises through the gate. Although it is not a very common scenario, it is better to be safe.

  • Power Source Backup

High-security electric gates usually have longer hours of operation. And for that, these need to have a strong power source. You should, therefore, check if the back power supply is efficient or not in order to keep the door operational during a power outage. The manual opening of the door when it is not powered can weaken the security in your premises. So, either install a backup battery or a get a solar panel as a secondary source of power and vice-versa.

So, check these features and then look for a place from where one can avail these electronic gates, automatic gates, or the security grill doors.

Author Bio: Bill Jones, a regular blogger on the automatic gates or the security grill doors Melbourne, here writes on 4 features to check out before investing in the electric gates Melbourne.

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