Owning a business doesn’t give anyone the right to disregard the need to help preserve the environment. Rather, it gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to lend a helping in hand to save Mother Earth while cutting down some expenses. One can improve your company’s bottom line by making your office more eco-friendly. Here are some ideas that can help business owners create an energy-efficient office.

Heating and Cooling

  • Get your office a thermostat with a timer setting. This way, you can set the timer on and off as needed. Also, make sure to place your thermostat away from direct sunlight and toward the centre of your home.
  • Go for HVAC (Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning) Systems with an energy efficiency ratio (ERR) of 10.5 or more.  Doing so will reduce operating costs. A preventative maintenance program is also necessary to prolong the life of your units and system.
  • Think of energy-efficient landscaping. Did you know that you trim down your energy usage with the help of landscaping? Planting trees can give off shade that will help you save energy used for cooling and heating. Also, a healthy and shady tree can cool your surroundings considerably.


  • Consider installing Solar Panels in your office. Solar Panels in Mandurah can help provide your energy needs with sustainable energy from the sun. These are a good investment you can use for up to 25 years.

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  • Use energy-efficient lights. LEDs and CFLs last longer and are more energy-efficient than other types of light bulbs. Using these in your workplace will cut down the energy usage of your office significantly. Also, make sure that unnecessary lights are turned off when not in use and to replace.
  • Take advantage of natural light. Solar panels are not the only way to reuse sunlight in your workplace. During sunny days and you have a room in your office with abundant sunshine available, use it and opt to turn off some of the lights.

Office Equipment

  • When choosing copiers, fax machines or printers, make sure to look for one with a standby feature. This way your office equipment will reduce energy usage when activated and not in use. Use the timers to turn them off during out of hours.
  • Go for Energy Star labelled computers, printers and other equipment to cut down energy consumption. Check if laptops would be more advantageous to your team as they consume 90% less energy than desktop computers while ink printers consume 90% less power compared to laser printers.
  • Turn on all energy-saving features of your computer. This will make sure they go on standby by mode when not in use. Also, tell you staffs to turn off their computers before leaving the office premises.
  • Reduce your paper needs. By considering a paperless system and sending emails instead of memos, you reduce your need to purchase more paper and expenses meant for paper.


  • Get a water-saving plumbing fixture for your office. This includes low-flow urinals, toilets, and faucets that can cut-down your water usage and water expenses considerably.
  • Make use of rainwater collection and wastewater recycling system. This enables you to use wastewater or grey water for other purposes like watering plants for your landscape.

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