Winter is here and soon the cold and chilly season will be over once more. And for homeowners, that means one thing: spring cleaning. The front yard, for instance, needs to be spruced up and beautified immediately to welcome the spring season properly. On the other hand, although activities like tree and flower planting as well as patio decoration are exciting things to do, it will take a massive amount of time and work to beautify the yard again.

Easy Cleaning Tips to Beautify Your Yard

Cleaning the yard as soon as the winter is over is one of the most challenging tasks yet the most crucial as well. It helps to prevent the mess such as animal feces and litterbugs’ garbage from rotting and causing an unwanted smell. That said, proper and thorough cleaning is a must.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Clean all the debris. After months of watching the whiteness of snow cover the soil, all waste made by litterbugs and animals will eventually surface. Debris like animal feces, broken tree branch, pinecones, plastic bottles, and other small to large remains will soon be a problem as they will fester the yard. To prevent that from happening, start picking up the debris, clean and remove all of them as soon as possible. For busy homeowners who don’t have time to clean their yard, a help from Skip Bins Perth professional cleaners is an excellent alternative. Not only will they save your time, but they will provide rigorous and proper yard sanitation.
  1. Gather all waste for compost. For decaying remains, the best option is to compost it. Rake and gather all of them and if a compost pit is available, put all the collected small wastes like grass cuttings, vegetable remains small twigs, scrunched paper, fruit waste and tea bags inside it. If not, a garbage bag is a good alternative. But make sure to take it to the nearest recycling centre to dispose of properly.
  1. Prune thick shrubbery and trees. For trees and plants, the winter season is a time to hibernate. As such, a giving them a good trim is crucial for them to thrive when spring comes. It is especially true for thick shrubbery and trees. However, keep in mind that only a small portion and unhealthy-looking parts of the plant should be removed and pruning large and healthy branches can cause the tree to develop horticulture issues. Otherwise, the tree could lose its natural shape or worst, die.
  1. Remove and replace old mulch and plants. After protecting the plants from the staggering cold of winter, it is time to remove all used and old mulch. Sure, most of them have already gone dry and will provide nothing other than its useless remains. Hence, removing them is the best option before planting new shrubberies. Once the plants are ready, replace the old with new mulch to keep it healthy as well as to maintain the landscape’s fresh and vibrant aesthetic.


After months of braving the winter, home yards need a proper and immediate clean up too. However, sprucing and beautifying it up will take time and effort. So, make sure to give it enough time and attention to complete the job.

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