Are you a new homeowner who just moved into your home? Or have been living in your home but wants to give it a makeover? It doesn’t matter if you have plans in selling your house in the near future or not. It would be best to choose home improvement projects that won’t only add beauty to your home, but also home value.

If you want the best and easiest tips that can give your home added beauty, appeal and value, get ready to take down some notes. Enjoy!

Plan and Set a Budget

For any project, don’t forget that planning and budgeting are essential for success. First, list down all parts of your home that needs repair and maintenance before moving to other improvement projects. Remember that maintaining your home in tip-top shape is easier and a lot cheaper than waiting for bigger and noticeable damages to happen before fixing them.

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Consider Engineered Timber Flooring

One of the best home improvement projects to add value to your home is installing brand new flooring. This is especially essential if you’ve been using carpets for a long time. Consider eco-friendly options like engineered timber options. Blackbutt Flooring is an excellent choice for its light colour is considered hot and trending this 2019. This comes in two sizes, and suppliers can deliver them right into your doorstep wherever in Australia you may be.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

This type of project is one that is definitely worth the investment. Why? Not only is an outdoor kitchen extended living space, but it can also serve multiple purposes aside from cooking in your yard. It allows you to try out recipes without alarming your fire alarms, serves as a great entertainment area, plus you can make money with it by setting it up as a food business without leaving your home.

Add a Sunroom

Did you know that you can also increase your home’s value plus your square footage by adding a sunroom? That’s right! However, keep in mind that it needs to be a beautiful, comfortable and inviting room, which means you need to ensure it has proper heating and ventilation all year round. Make one with a wide doorway with lots of room to lounge on and wide double-pane insulated glass to enjoy its full benefits.

Go Green

Energy-efficient homes are a big hit these days, so why not transform yours into one? Add green features by installing LED lights, switching to Energy Star-labelled appliances, replacing your plumbing with low-flow ones and installing a programmable thermostat. By doing these steps will ensure that you add beauty and value to your home while you shed some water and energy bills and save money in the process.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal

If you own a home, you’d want everything to look great – starting from the outside. Make sure to spruce up your landscaping, take care of your lawn, keep your front porch and sidewalk clean and add a welcoming touch on your entryway. Soon, you’ll hear nothing but good comments from your family, neighbours and especially home buyers.

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