The “Land Down Under,” most commonly known as Australia is one of the best places to live and spend the holidays. With so many places to visit and lots of fun adventures to experience, this is more than enough reason to add Australia – the Kimberley Region to be exact, on your bucket list this year.

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Now that 2019 is here, it’s time to fill your list with all things Kimberley. Here are our top 7 favourite hotspots and things to do while on Kimberley tours.

Horizontal Waterfalls

That’s right, Australia has a Horizontal Waterfalls – a phenomenon made possible due to water passing horizontally through the twin gaps in of McLarty Ranges. The best way to experience the Horizontal Waterfalls is by riding a speedboat across this natural wonder and feel the thrill first-hand.

Berkeley River Lodge

The Berkeley River Lodge is an outback, luxurious and one of the most isolated places to stay in Kimberley. You’ll need to ride a private boat or a chartered floatplane to reach your destination. It is indeed a paradise that lets you experience freedom at its finest while you stay on private villas with no phone service and the wifi only available on its main lodge.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach may be famous for its white sand and turquoise waters, but its two main attractions are what makes this stunning beach a must-visit in Kimberley. The Staircase to the moon is a magical sight worthy of a place in your Instagram wall while the Sunset Camel Rides is a must-experience for solo travellers, lovers, and families alike.

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The Bungle Bungle Range

One can find the Bungle Bungle Range at the Purnululu National Park. The striking and unusual rock domes called bee-hives are black and orange stripes in colour. If you love exploring by foot and have a love for birds, then exploring the hidden gorges and long narrow chasms would be a delight. Professional photographers love the Bungle Bungle Range for its more than a hundred bird species and native animals.

Tunnel Creek

When you’re sick and tired of exploring under the heat of the sun, then the Tunnel Creek is the perfect stop for you. Walk through the tunnel at the Napier Range and wade through the numerous natural pools found in the area. Make sure to wear your sneakers and wear something that can keep you warm like a rashie.

The Gibb

The Gibb River Road allows you to enjoy a challenging dirt ride unlike any other. The best months to visit are from April till August. Explore breathtaking gorges, camping ground, sanctuaries and even freshwater swimming holes found on either side of the road.

The Ningaloo Reef

There are tons of things to see at the Ningaloo Reef. Swim and snorkel to find all three species of turtles,  encounter dugongs, humpback whales, and even whale sharks and other marines species. Even the accessible fringing reef is an enchanted world to see with your own eyes.

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