IWhen renovating and improving your home, it is important to note that it shouldn’t be all about looks and style. Don’t forget about comfort and convenience. Whether your goal is to achieve a better-looking home, to make it better suit your lifestyle, to increase home value or all of the above, it’s helpful to see what’s hot and trending. You can get awesome ideas on how to keep your home updated and check which trends will better suit your needs.

We’ve gathered six of the hottest home improvement trends this year. Make your home look luxuriously gorgeous with the following improvements tips.

Open Floor Plans

Homes with open floor plans look spacious, versatile and easier to decorate. Most homebuyers nowadays look for such feature as these are effortless to remodel, gives the home a larger and cozier feel and makes entertaining family and guests easier to do. Open floor plans also allow natural light to come into your home.

Custom-Made Designer Furniture

While it’s fun to browse and shop for ready-made furniture, getting some custom-made for you offers many benefits. For one, you get a unique range that better suits your style, needs, and preferences. You can have your dream bed or sofa made up that is both sleek, stunning and long-lasting. You can find suppliers that offer tailor-made Designer Furniture. You get to enjoy a glamorous style crafted by a trusted brand that’s worth every penny.

Larger Windows and Natural Lighting

IMore homes are going green, and one of the easiest way to achieve this is to get brand new and larger windows. Having such windows invites natural light to come in, illuminating your home with radiance during the day. New windows also tend to be more durable and energy-efficient. They don’t only look good, but the also allows you to have a nice view of your outdoor space.

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Gourmet Kitchens

The heart of your home deserves every attention it can get, so why not make your kitchen the centrepiece of your home? From sleek and energy-efficient appliances to larger islands and smart innovations that make meal preparation, cooking and serving feel like a breeze, there are so many options you get to choose from and enjoy.

Improved Vertical Space and Ceiling Treatments

Who says that a beautiful chandelier is the only treatment you can give for your ceiling? This year, higher ceilings are a big hit as more homeowners and buyers alike are beginning to realise the beauty and benefits of having enough vertical space. With this comes the blossoming love for ceiling treatments. Give yours some love by considering elegant crown moulding, exposed beams or even tray ceilings.

Outdoor Space Upgrades

Gone are the days when a yard is a beautiful, “for your eyes only” treat. More homeowners love extending their living space outdoors; thus the increase in the number of homes have decks, patios, and even outdoor kitchens. Now, you can enjoy your outdoor area by having a beautiful deck complete with modern and designer outdoor furniture and a gorgeous landscape where you can spend time with nature, entertain guests and even add in your home’s value and aesthetic.

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