With the current progress in technology, advancement in agriculture is not an exemption. There are different types of machines or tools that can increase efficiency in the field by decreasing the time you spend on various tasks and with less hassle. In this way, the overall production of crops in farms is also increasing.

Farmers are now gearing up towards buying different equipment to help them on the farm. These machines may cost you a lot but will surely be worth the price as it guarantees efficiency.

Here are the top 5 equipment that you may want to have for your farm:


First in the list is having a tractor for your farm. Whether you have a large or average farm, it is one of the basic machines that are truly essential. It is an equipment that has a lot of uses for your crop production, from start to finish, such as ploughing, tilling, planting, harvesting, etc. It is a flexible machine that you can use it for a different day to day activities on your farm.  You can also use a tractor to roam around the field as you do maintenance and check-ups in your crops or as a mode of transportation for your harvest. Having a Kubota tractor is a great deal of investment on your end.


As the name itself, ploughing machines are used to cultivate ground to kill weeds, and turning the soil over and making furrows. It is the first thing farmers do before they start planting seeds. A plough can be an entire machine or a piece of equipment that can be pulled by a tractor. It is also important to know that there are different kinds of ploughs, depending on the type and condition of the soil, and what kind of crop you are going to produce. There are moldboard ploughs which have large metal blades designed like wings which cut and turns over the soil. Using moldboard ploughs is recommended when the land is not used for a long time. And there are chisel ploughs which have longer and more metal shanks for deeper ploughing.

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A harvester is one of the most expensive machines that you can have on your farm. But having one will surely save you a lot of time and energy in harvesting your crops. There are simple ones that cost less like a harvester that is partnered with a tractor, or the complete set called combine harvester which can do all the work for you in harvesting. A combine function in 3 ways, to reap, to thresh and to winnow. You can use it to cut your crops, separate its parts such as its seeds from its chaff and leaves, and make it ready for packaging and selling.

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If you have this equipment on your farm, your work will be much easier and faster. But also make sure to use it properly and remember to conduct maintenance from time to time.

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