Owning a car is a rewarding experience, but one can’t deny that it can be quite expensive. Aside from the usual expenses such as gas and oil changes, you’d also need to maintain it regularly, take it for minor repairs when necessary and even pay monthly car loan payments if you have one.

Since we can consider cars as one of the most significant purchases anyone can make, it only makes sense to give it that much-need tender loving care through regular maintenance and repair. However, many car owners tend to DIY such a task.11

While you may think you can save tons of cash by doing it all by yourself, hiring a professional car service would often be a better choice. Expert mechanics are skilled and knowledgeable enough to handle all car repairs and maintenance. However, many car owners still try to DIY their car maintenance.

While there are certain perks in repairing your car yourself, it also has some drawbacks.

Pro: You Get To Save Money On Labor

Many car owners would rather repair their vehicles on their own mainly because of the free labor and service. Labor can cost you $100 per hour in most auto repair shops. There is no longer a need to pay for labor fee since you’ll be doing it yourself.

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Con: You Don’t Have Expert Knowledge And Experience

Unless you’re a mechanic yourself or you worked in a mechanic shop before, then you’re likely not to have what it takes to make major repairs and maintenance. Mechanics have years of experience and certifications making them the most qualified person to get the job done the right way.

Pro: DIY Repair And Maintenance On Your Schedule

When you do repair yourself, there is no need to make an appointment with a mechanic. You get to fix it on your own no matter the time and date. Some auto repair shop tends to have lots of customers, and DIY-ing your car is one way to avoid the hassle.

Con: It Can Take Longer To Make DIY Repairs

Mechanics who do car service have the right types of tools needed to fix your car faster and more efficiently. If you attempt to do it yourself, it may take a considerably longer amount of time.

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Pro: You Get To Save Money On Car Parts

When you do car repair by yourself, you get to choose between using brand new or used car parts. Mechanics prefer brand new parts to fix your car due to liability issues. You, however, can save money when you opt for used ones but don’t expect it to work and last as long as new parts.

Con: It Can Invalidate Your Car’s Warranty

Cars have warranties, but for you to take a claim on such guarantee, some conditions need to be met. By doing the fixing and upper yourself, it can invalidate yours if you’re not a qualified mechanic. You not only risk losing warranty, but it can also cost you more if you fail to do it right.

While car owners have the choice to DIY minor repairs and maintenance, it is always a good idea to take your vehicle to a professional to the car service for you.

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