A different word for existing can be contemporary. Basically, contemporary refers to anything that is still happening today. All the designs which are still in trend and ever-changing is referred to as a contemporary design. Thus, the same applies to furniture. One can own two sets of furniture designed by two different designers, but they can still be referred to as contemporary because they are very much in style and growing. Until and unless the piece of furniture is not out of fashion, it can be referred to as contemporary furniture and not modern. A lot of times, it is known as the piece of furniture which was built after the 19th century. The entire idea of contemporary furniture came into existence during the 1950s.

The characteristics of contemporary furniture are quite similar to modern furniture. Modern furniture refers to the phase of furniture which existed in the time period of 1920s to 1950s. Before modern furniture came into existence, the designs of the furniture were quite simple and designed to be light with no intricate detailing. They allowed a large amount of free space in the room even after installing the furniture. Anything after 1950s is thus, generally considered to be contemporary furniture. Contemporary furniture can easily take in elements from different time periods and thus forms its own style, unique and appealing. It has its own distinctive set of characteristics:

Contemporary Furniture

#1. Simple and Clean Lines

Contemporary furniture draws some of its inspiration from modern furniture which uses clean and sharp lines that focuses on comfort of the individual. The pieces of furniture appeal to masses as they appear to be light and airy. Smooth and shiny surfaces of dressers and entertainment centers appear to be quite attractive.

#2. Square Edged Chairs and Couches

Couches and chairs of the contemporary period are often defined to have square edges and they are raised above the floor at a steep angle. They have metal tubular legs and any form of skirting is absent. Thus, there is space under the couch or the chair and it can be seen easily. The pieces of furniture have a bold shape with darker or neutral colours which are covered in leather or really light fabrics.

#3. Materials and Textures

Natural woods and fabrics with textures are often used for contemporary furniture. Black, white, grey, brown and other neutral colours are used for upholstered furniture. Sleek, low and long entertainment units are a dominant style. Beds with low platforms or low-slung beds is another feature of contemporary furniture.

#4. Contemporary Colours

As mentioned above, the contemporary style is all about neutral colours. Colours like black, white, brown and other colours form a major factor for differentiating contemporary furniture from different styles. Some people may opt for different colours like peach and salmon but most of the time the colour scheme is quite bland.

#5. Location

A lot of other characteristics depend upon the inspiration of contemporary furniture. A whole lot depends upon the country from which it has originated. For example; Japanese contemporary furniture uses natural materials and low-lying features for its furniture. Basically, makes the open space less cluttered. On the other hand, European countries focus on minimalism. They highlight sharp and straight lines and adds more comfort to the piece of furniture. Heavy and not necessary elements of the design are eliminated.

Thus, as described above, contemporary furniture does not differ much from modern furniture but they have certain distinctive points which sets them apart. Contemporary does not follow certain strict design rules. In fact, they are quite lenient and can take ideas from any point of time to amalgamate the same into one piece of contemporary furniture.

These were some of the tips for purchasing the best contemporary furniture for your home.

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