Have you considered professional development or training for your staff? If so, online training has many benefits, including variety; flexible delivery; unlimited access and support; credibility; exceptional value; all-inclusive fees; student satisfaction; easy access; personalised training; and a comfortable and convenient learning environment.

1. Variety

When a business selects an eLearning platform to train and educate staff, the range of online courses and industry choices are many. Australian Online Courses offer a wide range of highly specialised courses and industry content to help with almost any business-training requirement.2

2. Flexible Delivery

Online courses are delivered via an innovative eLearning platform that enables students to work outside of business hours, so a business doesn’t incur disruption to operation. This is also of value to staff as they can complete the course at their own pace and when it is convenient for them.

3. Unlimited Access and Support

There are no time frames and no due dates when a business enrols its employees in an online course with Australian Online Courses. Plus, access to tutor support is available seven days a week. Students study at their own pace with no limitations on when or how often they access course materials online.

4. Credibility

Australian Online Courses has been delivering quality education to businesses since 2008. When you choose Australian Online Courses for professional development and training, you can rest assured that all courses are current and relevant to your industry.

5. Exceptional Value

As a business-to-business service, Australian Online Courses operate to provide the best value to business customers. Payment plans start from as little as $25 a week, or there are significant discounts for upfront payment. In addition, businesses save on travel and accommodation costs when choosing online courses; employees will not need to attend a physical learning environment.

6. All-Inclusive Fees

There are no hidden fees when you enrol employees in an online, professional development program with Australian Online Courses. Printed materials are not necessary for the completion of courses as all learning materials are online. Student services, unlimited tutor support, all learning materials and assessment are all-inclusive, so you can be confident that the upfront fee is the total cost.

7. Student Satisfaction

Australian Online Courses has an excellent reputation with current and past students. Through the collection of student satisfaction surveys, it is evident that the delivery and support students receive via the innovative eLearning platform is excellent.

“Hi to all my tutors! I just want to thank you for all your assistance with my course. I have loved it and am hoping to do another course in future. Thank you, again!

A. Worley, NSW.

“I just finished the Certificate of Medical Reception and Office Administration. I really enjoyed it! I now have the confidence to apply for jobs after being out of the workforce.

Thanks, Liz for all your support.” – F. Haydon, QLD.

8. Easy Access to Information

We understand that business customers are time-poor and training staff shouldn’t take away from business operations. As such, a dedicated Learning Support Team give clear instructions on how to access all course materials, so you don’t need to be involved in the online learning process – it’s all taken care of.

9. Personalised Training

A business-centric focus means Australian Online Courses can tailor online course materials to meet the learning needs of a business’s employees. This is an essential aspect of choosing an education provider, as course materials and support requirements need to be as individual as the business it serves to achieve the best possible learning outcome.

10. Comfortable Learning Environment

Online courses are also the preferred delivery to ensure all personality-types are comfortable in the learning environment. It doesn’t matter whether an employee identifies as extroverted or introverted, the eLearning platform delivers. Plus, there’s no dress code for online courses, so if employees are most comfortable learning at home in their pajamas, that’s fine too.

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

We’re passionate about education at Australian Online Courses and pride ourselves on delivering quality training that’s highly employer-centric. We do this by offering a strong and engaged support network of dedicated tutors and learning support staff who directly support the right learning outcomes.

When you choose our online courses to invest in the professional development and on-going training of staff, you can rest assured that we equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to enhance your business’s productivity and future success.

Contact one of our friendly Learning Consultants today to create a plan for your business’s professional development and training via our innovate industry-approved eLearning platform.

You’ll be glad you did, and so will your staff!

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