While sitting at the patio, would you like to enjoy the sound of water splashes? The answer is always ‘yes’. Sitting at the deck, listening to the tickling sound and reading a book – what could be a sweeter way to utilise your leisure time? Moreover, the home should be your heart is. And, the heart could never wish anything else than tranquillity. So, it’s hard to believe how a fountain betters everything.

However, the post-installation stage may be tricky. You cannot expect a fountain to work fine after installing it immediately. How to decorate or when to clean the water feature – many things to remember after calling the service of fountains Tasmania, Australia. Of course, you should ask the professionals regarding the fountain material to take of it properly. So, here are a few things to remember when the water feature is installed at your home.

Improving Garden Design

The backyard becomes the extended version of the indoor. For this reason, people are more inclined towards decorating gardens matching with yards and gardens. Then the indoor parties become open-air events. So, make it grand with an exclusive water feature. Get river rocks in various sizes and shapes. Make sure, some of them are polished and smooth. The rough surface is a bit of headache for people. In the end, when you install the fountain, the water feature will complement the entire look. Therefore, the aesthetic appeal is on point. So, plant little flower plants around the fountain to make the sight alluringly beautiful.

Checking the Water Source

Generally, people establish a connection with the home water supply for the water fountain. There is no risk of having a dry fountain because the water supply is always on. However, you may opt for small fountains that you can fill with a water hose. At such events, you do not require a permanent water connection. It is better to check the fountains regularly to confirm that there is enough water.

Dealing with Fountain Problems

Once the fountain is installed, you are not free of all the woes. The primary problems are noise, disruption in flow and continuous splashes. In order to deal with the first problem, ensure the pump doesn’t vibrate. Then check whether the fountain pump is completely sinking in the water. You need to check the bottom basin and fill it with water. This helps in fixing the water flow. At last, reduce the noise by modifying pump-intake valve.

Cleaning is Important

The need for cleaning completely depends on the fountain size. You can clean the water feature only one time in a month. At this time, you should focus on white scale or algae build-up. The large fountains require maintenance in every couple of months. On the contrary, the smaller ones need maintenance once per month. So, when you are going to clean the fountain, always turn it off. In case, there are stones, take them out before cleaning.

So, if you are ready to follow the above-mentioned tips, check out the wide selection of water features Brisbanetoday.

Author bio: Thomas Jackson, a blogger specialising in interior decoration, has recently discussed the pros and cons of water features Brisbane. Here, he mentions 4 aspects to remember after using the service of fountains Tasmania.

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