Social media marketing is a powerful tactic that you can use to grow your business, attract relevant traffic, generate leads and drive revenue.

These are all highly valuable business outcomes. And they depend on you understanding and using social media effectively in 2019.

It’s easy to post a picture or a video and throw up a collection of hashtags. But implementing random strategies returns random results.

So while you’re shooting in the dark, your competition are using the latest social media marketing best practices to get ahead. And stay there.

There are many benefits to a quality social media marketing campaign.

Do you want to make social media one of your most powerful channels?

If you want to expose your business to an omni-channel approach that will deliver tangible results, the power is literally in your hands.

Here are the 3 trends set to be huge in 2019.

Put your audience first

It’s easy to say but much harder to do.

The temptation with social media is to promote your products and services, after all, isn’t that what you’re using the platform for?

Well, yes and no.

While your audience should get an understanding of your brand, this should be minimal compared to the way you can help them.

Adopt the 80/20 principle and advertise your own business in just 20% of your posts. The remaining 80% should look to provide advice, education and inspiration for your audience.

The single most important characteristic you should look to express is ‘authenticity’.

Being authentic is at the heart of social media success in 2019 and comes as a result of:

  • Responding to complaints quickly and openly
  • Answering questions 
  • Providing free information and resources
  • Replying to comments 

If you want to reach a wider audience, generate quality leads, and drive sales through social media, it all starts by becoming a trusted source of advice and inspiration for the audience you have.

Once you do this, your audience becomes your most valuable asset, promoting your brand and helping market your business for you.

Work with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing was a feature of social media marketing in 2018. Micro-influencers will become a major aspect of influencer marketing in 2019.

By 2020, influencer marketing will become a $10 billion dollar industry. With this rise though will come a renewed desire from businesses to connect with authentic influencers who are able to engage with their audience and impact purchasing behaviours.

While larger influencers may have fake followers and bots to grow their following – making it difficult to assign a financial value or sense of ROI, micro-influencers are able to demonstrate influencer over smaller, more engaged communities.

The benefits of using micro-influencers includes:

  • Increased credibility: As an authority in a smaller niche, micro-influencers are able to demonstrate a greater sense of trust and expertise.
  • Higher engagement: Studies have shown that micro-influencers deliver higher engagement rates than traditional influencers. 
  • More cost-effective: Micro-influencers are more affordable compared to larger social media figures who require a higher cost of investment.

As part of your social media marketing strategy you should look to find and nurture relationships with micro-influencers. This is a cost-effective way to drive traffic, exposure and revenue for your organisation.

Start using video

Video content in 2019 is going to be huge.

The difference between the social media marketing landscape now and in years past is that everyone has caught on.

To stand out in the increasingly crowded video space you will need a video content calendar to stay on top of your goals, progress and outcomes.

Some of the most important video trends to watch out for include:

  • Live video: Live video is a powerful tool to engage with your audience as it occurs in real time, giving you power to respond to questions or feedback and make your followers feel as though they are a part of your brand story.
  • Smartphone quality video: It’s no longer a requirement to create video that looks and feels like it was shot professionally. On the contrary, as a result of the widespread use of smartphones, you can create a sense of approachability and authenticity by sharing smartphone video content with an audience who is creating video the same way.
  • Video ads: An increase in video ads for Facebook and Instagram should become a priority. Standing out in this crowded digital space requires more than static images.

These trends are reinforced by Paperclip Social Media expert, Michael May, who says that;

“While Instagram videos can only be 60 seconds long, you can bypass this by using Instagram Live. This method of video engages with your audience, and even better, you can save Live videos once you’re finished. We often use these Live videos to cut together and edit into a longer videos ideal for YouTube and Facebook, which shows you how versatile video is in 2019.”

Remember, don’t feel as though you have to mimic your competitors or invest in expensive video equipment.

Your goal should be to create video content that reflects your business and shows your authentic self. 

Are you ready to up your social media marketing game?

No matter what size company you run, you can use social media to your advantage.

With the number of Australian social media users growing by 5.9% since last year, the available audience is only growing.

While social media marketing may seem complex, it should be simple.

Provide value to your customers without self-promoting, partner with relevant micro-influencers, and start using video to promote your brand.

Tick these 3 boxes and you won’t just be on the cutting edge of social media marketing in 2019, you’ll be helping grow your business too.

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