The drastic increase of consumers who prefer to use the internet to shop for goods is a boon to businesses all over the globe. At the click of a finger, consumers can make a purchase—and suppliers can secure a sale—regardless of the area where they are located. However, exporting and importing goods can be a complicated affair; international trade involves dealing with various customs-related as well as logistical issues, and companies need to navigate around these to tap the market outside of their country of operations.

Many seasoned businesses based in Australia are not new to the struggle of transporting physical goods internationally—with the country being surrounded by water as it is. The times have changed, fortunately, and many freight forwarder Australia companies have risen to the challenge, improving the modes of transporting goods in and out of the country and making international trade more accessible to tech-savvy small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Freight shipping services offer SMEs a way to expand their market and improve sales without significantly increasing their overhead costs.

Interested in how a professional freight services provider can help your business thrive? Here are 4 things your SME can get from partnering with a freight forwarder:


  • Cost efficiency – First and foremost, getting the services of a freight forwarder is a lot less costly than transporting your goods on your own. Instead of investing on vehicles, technology, and people who can do this specialised task just for your company, you can pay a freighter a small fraction of the cost for the same services and higher levels of expertise. Without the extra expense needed to put your own team together, you can expect your goods to reach your distributors just on time.
  • Logistics planning – It takes high levels of organisation to transport physical goods from one location to another, especially if the items are to be distributed in another country. Freight forwarders understand this and offer simplicity and flexibility to their clients. These values allow them to make adjustments to meet tight deadlines or to get around unexpected obstacles, like inclement weather, along the way. They’ll take care of vetting carriers and negotiating prices and services so their clients don’t have to.
  • Expertise – Transporting goods internationally requires a lot of paperwork and adjustments on the part of the freighter. Processing papers and documents can be quite time-consuming, and entrusting this job to an uninitiated staff will inevitably cause delay and added costs to the company. On the other hand, seasoned freight forwarders are well acquainted with the ins and outs of processing documents and moving items. This kind of experience and knowledge can help ensure that all goods are transported without delay.
  • 24-hour tracking – Working with a professional freight forwarding company also allows SMEs to track their cargo at any point of the journey. Businesses can use this knowledge to study and improve the quality of their shipment and build better relationships with their clients. In addition, efficient tracking can also be useful in recovering lost or misplaced items, or even in processing claims with the freight forwarder’s insurance provider.


Tapping an international market is a great undertaking, especially for a small to midsized business, but partnering with a reliable freight shipping company should make the task more manageable. Once you’ve found the right service provider, you can worry less about transporting your goods and focus more on expanding your market and improving your export products.

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