At times, you may confront problems in your laser cutting machine and frantically look for a fast, easy and proper solution to it so that it does not hamper your production. Well, if you know the probable issues in advance, then you may find it easier to find an effective remedial measure. Ideally, for this, you will first need to know the answers of a few common questions that entail the issues that may arise during the laser cutting process.

  • First, you will need to know the working principle of a laser cutting machine. The basic principle behind laser cutting is to expose or illuminate the work piece to a high power density laser beam. This beam melts the material in seconds. Depending on the time of exposure, the material can even abate, vaporize, or reach to the point of ignition.
  • Secondly, there is high speed airflow coaxial with the laser beam that blows away the molten material, clearing it from the path of the beam cutting the piece effectively.

There are a few dangers involved in laser cutting that you should also know to make your cutting process safe and effective. Apart from the risks of personal injury and machine damage, you may also run into risk when you try to cut flammable materials or those that cannot be cut by it, such as PVC materials.

Tips For Laser Cutting

If you want better and faster laser cutting, then you should make proper preparations for it beforehand. This includes steps such as:

  • Masking the surface with tape if you engrave on materials that may result in smoke or stain the edges
  • Presetting different materials is also required, depending on the thicknesses of the material
  • Making test cuts before running the full job will help you to avoid any unwanted results

Once you are prepared for laser cutting, it is time to power the layers. There are several tricks for this, but the easiest of all is to put different parts of the design on different layers in a file. There are different advantages of doing this, that include:

  • You can have proper control on the order of cuts and the line to be maintained on separate layers so that you can turn the print on and off each layer in the order you wish to.
  • You can have multiple designs and parts in one file and on individual layers to keep things well organized while you print the layers separately.

The best part, however, is that you can create guides for laying out your design.

Cut Down The Cost

Just like any other project, laser cutting also has a few basics that you should understand. This will reduce your production cost and time as well. In fact, the cost will depend on the making and material of the item.

While making cost involves labor, the choice of material can be varied. If you set proper instructions for the machine, you will be able to cut down the cost of making because time is money in laser cutting. As for the materials, the type of it used will affect the making time and thereby the making cost. As the rule of thumb, you should use lighter and thinner materials if possible, as they cut faster.

In the end, you will be able to cut down your making cost significantly if you make a digital prototype. This is actually a zero-cost way where you have to upload your design files and choose the materials. It will help you to see the areas in which you can optimize laser cutting and save money. So, try this and be amazed!

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