It is extremely significant for using the right drill bits in order to do justice to the material on which the drilling activity is going to be performed. Choosing the wrong material can damage the surface, the bit and the drill at the same time. Hence always make sure that the right drill bit is used. Among woodworkers, spade bits are gaining popularity and respect. These coarse tools are widely used for tearing up working surfaces and hence carpenters and plumbers both use it widely these days.

Choice of right spade bits for the wood works:

Type of materials: Spade bits are materials which never causes harm to the inner material on which drilling hole is made. Usually when selecting the right bits, the material is inspected where holes will be made. If the main material to be drilled is a concrete, then the drill bit needs to be appropriate to be used on this surface. Spade bits are perfect for wooden materials. Each and every material has its very own brittleness and consistently. Using a bit which is extra fine will not lead you anywhere. On the other hand, if the bit is too coarse in nature then it can break the material on which you are drilling.

  1. Avoid fancy bits: It is recommended that you do not just rush and get a set of bits from the home centres. Do avoid the fancy bits. The fancy bits come with a magic cot, a main screw and the packages are expensive as well. However, these are just useless when you are some types of woodworking. Go for simple spade bits which are light on the pockets and comprises of hexagonal shanks. This kind of a shank will not slip and will drill effectively.
  1. Buy a bit as per the hole: You must make an inspection of the type of the hole where you will use the bit to drill. Check whether the hole is going to have a screw for self tapping or the hole has an expansion bolt and does not require being thick like its fastener. Spade bits must be chosen based on the hole as well. Large holes to be created for thick electric cables require special bits.

  2. Gentle bits for plastic and wood: Use spade bits if you are looking forward to drill plastic or wood materials. These materials are gentle and needs the drill to be soft as well. This is to ensure that the materials do not splinter or crack when it is being drilled. Moreover, the spade bits will help to create larger holes which are a must for such materials.
  1. Adjustable in nature: Spade bits are used as they can be adjusted easily as per their diameter. A large number of increments can be made at the grinder. Spade bits are flexible and hence can be used for varied specifications.
  1. Affordable product: Spade bits are cheaper than any other kind of wood-based bits. Hence for few woods works this is a highly practice and affordable product.

Most of the woodworks begin by making a very soft and slow rotation. As a result, the surface area can chew up the wood in a quick manner. So, the spade bit must be placed with the tip lightly placed over the work. This will get the drill running in full speed. Advancing the bits must be made slowly till the spurs are engaging the wood and creating a definite hole. When starting to use spade bits you will yourself understand how awesome they are. Spade bits do not clog, and they also cut very quickly.

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