How HireField Works

Request Local Service - Let us find the best deals for you!

Simply complete the Get Quote form. Our team will contact local service business and send you the best offers to compare.

When our team receive your request, we would contact local service business and see what are the best deals that they can offer you. Our team will summarise all the offers and send them to you to compare.

Local Service Search Engine

Use our Local Service search engine to find a local service business to get your job done. You only need to enter the service name and location, and our system will provide you a list of local service business and freelancers near you. You can read their profiles, compare rates, request a quote and make an enquiry. You can also see exclusive discounts offered by local service business.

Our teams will send you a follow up email to see if you have successfully found a local service business and at the same time we may get some other local business or freelancers to offer you their best deals.