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The core philosophy behind Urban Cloud is to create beautiful websites that grab the user’s attention giving a real wow factor immediately on entry. This we always aim to do without draining our client’s entire marketing budget. We believe that it is possible to create a premium feel web space, without the premium price.

Our years of experience have led to us creating the Simple concept – Simple Site, Simple Store and Simple SEO. The Simple concept gives our clients premium level websites at affordable prices. We also offer a bespoke web design service for those clients who need a more complex or personalised website.

Our belief is that websites should be kept as simple and clutter-free as possible. We love clean designs, featuring plenty of white space. Creating focused website pages possessing only the necessary and focal content being displayed within this space. You’ll find a lot of the designs we have created feature this simplistic approach. Allowing the website’s content and imagery to be key to the user’s browsing eyes within the layout ensuring they be as prominent as possible on each page of your website. This clear concept helps to create incredibly high conversion rates for our clients.

We believe that design must have a purpose. Also, a website must be both as functional as it is good looking. The purpose of any design should be to meet the customers wants and present them with the information they need in a clear format throughout. We like to make sure no websites look a like, and that each build we do is as innovative as possible to help our clients stand out from the crowd in an already crowded online environment.

We are based in Perth, and offer a flexible range of options for all types of website builds and for any budget. We would love to hear from you if you have a web project or idea in mind that you want to create. Our pricing starts from as little as $1000 for the most simple of websites.

We can create small quick websites such as pamphlet style websites that have up to 5 pages on them. We then offer larger brochure style websites that will have 6 – 20 pages within them and feature things like a blog. Or we can create the most complex of e-commerce systems imaginable, that can hold thousands of products and have hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month. Website design for us is not just about making a website look good, it’s about making it as prominent as possible for your customers to find your brand online too, through website design optimisation.

Website designs we create can be made from scratch or can be built using already templates as the base. It really depends on what your website needs are. We can cater for all situations.

We also offer an array of other services over and above just doing web design. We offer things like managed hosting, ongoing website maintenance and search engine optimisation to name but only a few.

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Service fee per hour (AUD):  90
Years of Experience:  3yrs
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Service fee per hour (AUD):  90
Years of Experience:  3yrs
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