Trust & Safety

How to choose the right profession

At HireField, you can find numerous local service providers ranges from freelancers, tradies, professions to businesses. To choose the right profession, there are some critical facts you need to know before engaging with the businesses.

HireField Rating

Reputation is important. When it comes to the reputation and professionalism of services, word of mouth counts for a lot. HireField Rating provides a review of a business from its past clients. It is a great way to check to see if the business has positive recommendations. You can also request testimonials directly from the business.


Many professions in the service sector require a licence to perform work in Australia. For example, plumbers, electricians, accountants and lawyers will typically have to hold a qualification to be awarded a licence. Always ask the business to see if its licence is valid. You can also conduct a check by contacting the licence issuing organisations.


Public liability insurance is important and gives liability protection against third party injuries and property damage caused by the service provider. This will protect you if anything goes wrong with service engaged. Some professions may also require to be covered by professional indemnity insurance. It is peace of mind to request the service provider for the insurance certificate to check if it is current and valid.


An Australian Business Number (ABN) helps to confirm business identify. It helps to verify business’s details. ABN Lookup is a free online service that enable you to see when the business was registered and whether the registration is still valid. It provides access to publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an ABN.

Questions to ask at the start

It is always worth asking questions.
(a) Do you have an ABN?
(b) Do you have the right licence for the service?
(c) Do you have the appropriate insurance cover?
(d) Can you provide some recent references?